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Set up Facebook Business Manager and Share Access

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Lots of people who utilize Facebook for their business do not even know about the Facebook Business Manager. They just create a Page for the business and make use of their private account to handle it. Although this can work for small businesses, still they should think about to set up this account. There are lots of advantages of using a Facebook Business Manager account, from better control over customer roles to enhanced security.

What Is a Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a middle hub that allows you to administer your ad accounts, pages, and team members everything in a single place. In short, if you make use of Facebook for business, Facebook Business Manager is an efficient way to use it properly. In Facebook Business Manager, you can add new users to your Pages and ad accounts and set their access level. Also, you can make new Instagram accounts, new Facebook Pages, Page ads, and posts within Facebook Business Manager.

Now, let’s discuss how to set up and use Facebook Business Manager Account.

How to Create and Use Facebook Business Manager

Creating a Facebook Business Manager can seem tough as it has lots of whistles and bells; however, actually, it is a quite simple process. Use these steps to create an account:

  1. First of all, you need to login to the Business Manager Homepage and here click on “Create Account”.
  2. Here, you can log in by using your personal Facebook account. By using this, you will keep on to make use of the login detail from your personal Facebook account to access the Business Manager. However, you can enter new detail to create an account.
  3. After that, you will be asked to fill in the name of your business and then enter your business email address. Entering your business email address here will not alter the email address connected with your personal FB account. Keep on with the onboarding steps by filling in the rest of the detail in the necessary fields. Modify your Facebook Business Manager with a cover photo and profile picture!

That’s it! You have made your account. We recommend you to start by adding up one account, one Page, and one user, then start building from this account.

How to add a user to the Facebook Business Manager to share access

Business Manager can also provide access to the other users and can add new partners to the account. And you can do it easily.

Just go to the “People” section, and there you will see an option “Add Users”. Just click on the blue button “+Add” and add the username of the person you want to add. Then start providing permissions.

These are the kind of roles available that you can assign to the users:

  1. Admin: Uppermost stage of permission (all permissions).
  2. Employee: Given rights to access assigned tools and accounts.
  3. Finance Analyst: Given rights to access business financial details.
  4. Finance Editor: Given rights to edit all kind of financial details.

Be cautious about who you add as an Admin because even a little change to the permissions can have a huge impact on the account. Make certain that you or another person of your team have the duty to maintain the user base. If you put in an employee, you can select permissions to assign to that person from pages to catalogs.

How to Add Ad Accounts and Pages?

  1. To add an ad account or new page to the Facebook Business Manager, just find the “Ad Account” or “Page” tab on the side navigation and at the top right, choose the drop-down menu for “Add New”. The drop-down menu will provide you several choices when adding a new ad account or page such as “Request Access”, “Claim”, and “Create New”.
  2. The pages that you are presently an admin can be maintained. For every page that already exists, you will have to request to the page to access. When you send a request, Facebook will send a notification to the page owner. If you click on to create an ad account or new page, one will be created and added to the Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Once an ad account or page is created, do not overlook to add new people to it with suitable permissions and access.

Bottom Line:

If you have set your account up properly, you will have further insights and power than you have ever had. Not just you will be able to administer accounts and permissions like a pro, but also you will have access to analytics and insights you have never seen before, mainly in Attribution section of the Facebook. It is the data that can assist you to make planned decisions to aid your business development.

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