Don’t Sell Anything Before You Write Out Your USP

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Don’t Sell Anything Before You Write Out Your USP

You may have a marvelous product for sale, which could be something your prospects greatly want, or need; however, without crafting an impact with a USP, there will be a huge gap between your present status and what you can get.

A USP – unique selling proposition/point, is what makes your business or product different. It states briefly and clearly how your company stands out from the others, emphasizing a sole quality or advantage that you offer. The majority of businesses are able to present their USP in a small sentence or a few words to make it excellent and effective, and you should try to do the same.

Why is USP so important for your Business?

A unique selling point is a degree of difference, which enables the company to differentiate itself from other competitors in the industry. As such, a unique selling point is essential as it offers more value for money to clients who would be influenced towards opting for better services or goods. Furthermore, a USP allows companies to create a unique image and as such is an enabler into improving sales efforts as the product is better in itself. In saying so, a distinct selling point can be useful to any part of the marketing mix. For example, the promotional offers held by the business may be distinct from those of other competitors in the marketplace or the features of the product itself may be different.

How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Your Unique Selling Proposition can be an effective tool that assists you to focus on your marketing objectives, and validates that each part of marketing security you create effectively sets you apart from the competition. Your Unique Selling Proposition can also be an essential part of your marketing which makes your company unforgettable.

These steps will assist you to write a USP for your new product, business, or service.

  • Go Back to the Basics

The initial step of writing a unique selling proposition demands that you take a step back and analyze some of the basics included in your market analysis, mission statement, business plan, and general business objectives. Start by answering several preliminary questions that review what your business is selling, who you are selling it to and why you are selling it.

  • Solve a Problem

The second step is to discover the problem of your target audience and clarify how your service or product solves that problem.

For instance, a company that offers moving boxes may discover the problem of the potential clients as not being capable to effortlessly locate the good containers when they are stuffing their things and getting ready to move.

  • Identify what makes you Different

This step focuses on discovering what about your solution to the problem is unique, or better than your competition’s solution. The value you find here will be one of the main reasons why your clients will prefer your product, service or business rather than a competitor.

  • Make a Promise

This step contains the most essential element of all the steps in a concise statement that embodies the value your business has to provide. Remember that your unique selling proposition basically implies a pledge or a promise, you are making to your clients.


Once you have a working unique selling proposition, it is always good to sleep on it, run it by others in your business, or even create a focus group to measure the impact it has. It may take a few tries, however, once you hit the great unique selling proposition it can be an essential element of your marketing toolbox.


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