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Facebook Attribution Tool for Better Ad Measurement

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Facebook Attribution tool for better ad management is here

Recently, Facebook has launched a free advertising measurement tool known as Facebook Attribution Tool, designed to give advertisers a more holistic view of their customer journey, so they can make intelligent decisions for their business. Since March, this advertising measurement has been in beta testing s, launched to all advertisers on Friday, 19th October.

How Facebook Attribution Tool Works:

Facebook Attribution tool depends on ML (machine learning), is powered by the Facebook Pixel that advertisers have previously installed on their websites to track the ad performance. To see how these ads are affecting your business results beyond clicks and impressions, the system will track ads from Facebook, Audience Network, Instagram and Messenger. These insights will help marketers find out is their ads are effective as well as demonstrate what type of ads audiences find most engaging, and for the company which types of campaigns are contributing to genuine results. In this tool, reports comprise charts that illustrate which sorts of ads individuals communicated with the most, and insights into purchases not only from paid but also direct and organic sources, so you can see your true return on investment (ROI) of your ad spend. If you were not running ads,  it likewise helps you see what your bottom line would look like, making it simple for marketers to decide if it’s in their excellent interest to carry on. Additionally, Facebook Attribution tool also demonstrates these insights in advance in the funnel, like conversion metrics and visits broken down by source.

How to Get Started:

Marketers have to navigate to Facebook’s Attribution tool for better ad measurement within Business Manager and build business lines to get started. Basically, this tool will read the data and group collectively specific data from various regions, campaigns, pixels etc.

From the following business line types you could select:

  • Separate Brands
  • Single Business
  • Agency
  • Verticals

To keep data separate, you can connect the following datasets to your business lines:

  • Partners
  • People
  • Ad Accounts
  • Pixels
  • Apps
  • Custom Conversions
  • Offline Event Sets

For ad account managers, this is really useful that have numerous brands they are working with or have several locations of the similar business. Unraveling these out will permit the Facebook Attribution tool to enhanced attribute movement to the outcome of that specific outlet.

You can modify the tool to collect data based on the following requirements:

  • Select Custom Conversions
  • Select Attribution Model & Window
  • Select Data Sources

Better Ad Measurement

Facebook Attribution tool is going to be helpful for marketers to assess their paid ads via a new lens. This tool will also help them redefine what conversion looks like in a paid campaign and plan consequently. Generally, Facebook’s Attribution tool will help businesses exactly know what their customer’s journey looks like as a complete campaign. This comprehensive tool shows you how each small campaign contributes to the much bigger objective of bringing new business into the organization. Marketers must make use of Facebook Attribution tool because this tool provides helpful insight into how we can improve our paid campaigns as well as also regarding our personas behavior and how we can most excellent acclimatize our strategy to cater to these behaviors. You can use this tool yourself and figure it out. This is a decent guide of how to use the new tool and it’s a good way to get set up.

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